UNM Department of Surgery

Life as a UNM Otolaryngology Resident


"Work hard, play hard"

Residents frequently meet outside the hospital to celebrate their free time together at local restaurants, sports events, and parks. Historically, we tend to attract residents who enjoy the outdoor activities that abound in this region such as rock climbing, skiing, hiking, and cycling. For those with more refined tastes, there are a variety of excellent restaurants, museums, and theaters in both Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

Ethos: The responsibility of being a new physician and the strain of work are offset by an open and supportive work environment and a strong sense of collegiality. Most importantly, living in New Mexico means that when not at work, residents are surrounded by a beautiful landscape with a vast array of activities available to them.

The 80-Hour Work Week: The 80-hour work week, as set forth by ACGME, is respected and enforced in our program. We do not have in-house call. Residents are assured of at least one day off per week, and in practice, regularly have two to three full weekends off per month.

The Voice of Our Residents: Our program is dynamic and reflects the values of our residents. Systems based meetings are held monthly and function as a forum for residents not only to express concerns, but to put forth creative ideas for expanding and improving our training experience.

Relationships with Attending Physicians: The hierarchy created by traditional medical school culture is not stressed within our program. Because of our small residency size, residents of all levels constantly interact directly with attendings. Communication is recognized as one of the most important tools for learning, and is open and active among residents, and between residents and attendings. The friendships shared by residents and faculty are vital; they transform the workplace into a positive and enjoyable learning environment.