UNM Department of Surgery

Surgical Services


This service provides care for patients with flame and chemical burns along with those with large, complex wounds. Burn care involves initial resuscitation, debridement and wound care, as well as long term treatment such as skin grafting and physical therapy.

Emergency General Surgery

This is a service designed to take care of surgical emergencies. Typical cases include skin infections, bowel obstructions, appendicitis, cholecystitis and GI bleeding.

General Surgery

This is our elective general surgery service. Most of these patients are seen and scheduled for surgery in one of the attending’s clinics. Occasionally a patient who has had an elective surgery will have a subsequent emergency, and they will be re-admitted to this service.

Surgical Oncology

This service treats breast cancer, melanoma, colon, pancreatic and other cancers.

Pediatric Surgery

This service treats patients with emergency problems as well as congenital conditions and syndromes.


This service cares for those with thoracic and abdominal trauma, as well as those with severe multi-system trauma.


Treatment of vascular traumatic injuries, aneurismal disease, atherosclerotic, embolic, and thrombotic disease.

Veteran’s Administration Vascular

Treatment of aneurysmal disease, atherosclerotic, embolic, and thrombotic disease.

VA General Surgery

At the VA, the general surgery team manages both elective cases and emergencies. You may refer to descriptions of University Emergency and Elective general surgery services.

Lovelace General Surgery

Daily Clinic and OR.