UNM Department of Surgery

Department of Surgery
UNM School of Medicine
MSC 10 5610
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131

Phone: (505) 272-6487

Clinic Appointments:
(505) 272-2336


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Photo: Loretta Anaya

Loretta Anaya - Operations/HR Manager

Email:  LJAnaya@salud.unm.edu
Office:  Administration-523B
Phone:  (505) 272-9971
Photo: Carrie Anaya

Carrie Anaya - Patient Safety Coordinator

Email:  CJAnaya@salud.unm.edu
Office:  Administration-523B
Phone:  (505) 272-9831
Photo: Vanessa Benavidez

Vanessa Benavidez - Front Desk

Email:  VBenavi1@salud.unm.edu
Office:  Administration-523B
Phone:  (505) 272-6487
Photo: Janean Gilliland

Janean Gilliland - Business/Practice Mgr

Email:  JGilliland@salud.unm.edu
Office:  Administration-523B
Phone:  (505) 272-6733
Photo: William J. (Billy) Gurule

William J. (Billy) Gurule - Administrator

Email:  WGurule@salud.unm.edu
Office:  Administration-523B
Phone:  (505) 272-9849
Photo: Christine Heinemeyer

Christine Heinemeyer - Sr. Fiscal Services Tech

Email:  CHeinemeyer@salud.unm.edu
Office:  Administration-523B
Phone:  (505) 925-4335
Photo: Patricia Montano

Patricia Montano - Accountant 3

Email:  PMontano@salud.unm.edu
Office:  Administration-523B
Phone:  (505) 272-6401
Photo: Judi Perea-Gutierrez

Judi Perea-Gutierrez - New Fac. Hires/Credentials & Re-Credentialing

Email:  JuPerea@salud.unm.edu
Office:  Administration-523B
Phone:  (505) 272-0146
Photo: Jessie Salk

Jessie Salk - Dir Clinical Services

Email:  JSalk@salud.unm.edu
Office:  Administration-523B
Phone:  (505) 925-0727
Photo: Barbara Shortman

Barbara Shortman - Unit Administrator 1

Email:  BShortman@salud.unm.edu
Office:  Administration-523B
Phone:  (505) 272-6869